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The crucial role architecture plays in our response to climate change

One of the most burning topics of our time is climate change. Literally. In terms of the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions, the Architecture and Engineering industry has a big role to play. Let’s explore where we are and what we can do to create more resilient and sustainable solutions when designing and renovating our cities. 

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Today’s Climate Design Data is not enough for sustainable building design

It has become increasingly important to adapt buildings to their surroundings in order to improve their indoor health, energy consumption, and carbon footprint. For this process to be as effective as possible, climate design data accurate for the specific location of a building site is required. However, current sources fail to provide such data.

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Satellite data boost the ability of the A&E industry to fight climate change

The impact of climate change creates the need to design buildings conforming to the climate evolution of their respective sites. While current sources of climate design data fail to provide insight into the climate change on a local level, satellite-enhanced climate design data are set to accelerate the transition towards carbon-neutral cities.

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Where satellite-enhanced climate design data leaves a massive impact

Climate design data is used in various stages of building design, from building simulation, through HVAC sizing, to building envelope design. The accuracy of data in all these processes is crucial for avoiding the short and long term issues related to the building's environmental impact, tenant experience and consequently its market value.